Measuring Success

Email Strategy

I love when a marketer asks, "how should we measure this?"

Sometimes we get so caught up in opens, clicks, visitors, impressions, and all the other easy-to-get metrics that we forget what we wanted to accomplish in the first place. This is why it is so important to set up a formal approach to measurement before your marketing campaign launches. Yet a lot of marketers don't know where to start.

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LiveIntentional Weekly: Understanding the FTC's Native Advertising Guidelines

Email Buying Guide

The FTC's Native Advertising guidelines are here, and according to a new report from Mediaradar, if the Federal Trade Commission decided to audit publishers' native ads today, around 70% of websites wouldn't be compliant.

That's why this week, Only Influencer's partner LiveIntent is explaining how to make sure your Native Ads aren't Naughty by Nature. You down with the FTC? Yeah, you know me.

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