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02 August 2015
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Stoo Gill
01 August 2015
Email Buying Guide
For Pitch Friday, I'd like to let you know about the awesome new scripting capability we've added to dotmailer. Not for general release until next Wednesday (August 5th) but as you lot are so lovely… here’s preview of what’s to come. We’ve, for some time now, allowed users to store information about purchase history, web viewing history, social profiles… against contact records in dotmailer; that’s been great for segmentation – but now we’ve got that into the email / landing page content… and then some. This is all now possible because we’ve built the Liquid markup language (developed by the lovely team at Shopify) into our HTML and drag-&-drop editors.
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Bill McCloskey
28 July 2015
Email Buying Guide
Today we are going to unbox the email technology company that, without a doubt, has the coolest name: Email On Acid. Founded by web programmer John Thies and designer Michelle Klann in 2009, Email On Acid (based in Denver) is primarlily an email visualation tool but also has analytics capability and provides tools to increase inbox delivery and help blocked images render properly in the email client.  The first step is to go to the Email on Acid website and create an account:  
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Bob Frady
21 July 2015
The Email Profession
Email marketing programs – and the people who run them – are often among the single most profitable programs (and people) in an organization. The efforts they make to increase the stickiness of client relationships can add millions of dollars of marginal revenue to an organization. Yet, when I find out that a new CMO or SVP of marketing has been added to a company, there is usually one glaring connection between nearly all of them… They’re not email marketers.
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Constant Contact seems to be having a hard time, recent downgrading to sell. It a shame to see one of the industry originals not being considered a long term investment. Constant Contact were one of the first small business targeted very low cost self-serve platforms that at one point seemed to own the space, founded 1995, 100,000 customers in 2007. They lost their way 7 or 8 years ago. Anyone got a view on what went wrong there?

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