How Machine Learning Takes Email Marketing to New Heights

Email Strategy

The possibilities and potential for machine learning never fail to amaze me, whether they could make my personal life easier (now my kitchen appliances can talk to each other, but do I want to know what they're saying about me?) or open up new vistas for email marketers.

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The Latest Email Innovations: June Edition

The Email Profession

Every Friday the Only Influencers membership gets to pitch the OI community on their latest innovations and services. Here is a roundup of some of the latest tools, services, and innovations coming out of the email industry.

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LiveIntentional Weekly: Why Microsoft Thinks LinkedIn is Worth $26.3B

Email Buying Guide

In a story we’re breaking just now, Microsoft has acquired B2B social platform LinkedIn for the mind-numbing sum of $26.2 billion dollars.

Just to put that in perspective, with 26.2 billion dollars, you could buy the Chicago Cubs…. 26 times. That’s about 2.7 trillion years of losing.

That’s why this week, Only Influencer’s partner LiveIntent is taking a look at what it is about LinkedIn that Microsoft thinks is worth all those dolla-dolla-bills, y’all.

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