The Email Profession

This week we interview Sara Ezrin Larsen, XO Group’s Vice President of Product Marketing and long time Only Influencers member, about XO Group’s email marketing program:

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Survey Results: Do you use Links and how do you style them?

Email Design

OI Survey Results: Do you use links in email copy and how do you style them.

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Email isn’t dead, but your strategy might be

Email Strategy

First things first, I can’t stand the “email is dead” myth. It’s something circulated by traditional media, who love calling things dead to put us off the scent of their own problems. However, as an industry, our response has been weak.

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LiveIntentional Weekly: Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles, and Guy Fieri

Email Buying Guide

Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News are being adopted as ways to combat two of the biggest challenges facing publishers these days: Ad Blocking and Mobile. But the things that makes these pages so fast – cached content, little to no JavaScript or third party tags – means losing some audience data, high-impact, high-CPM ad units, and, perhaps most importantly, that direct connection between publishers and their readers as a source. This week, Only Influencers’ partner ... Read more

LiveIntentional Weekly: The Ugly Duckling of Digital

Email Buying Guide

Mark Ash, managing director at Teradata Interactive International, recently told MediaPost’s Sean Hargrave that we’ve seen the end of the days of email being seen as the “ugly duckling” in digital marketing and that, “Email is now the linchpin to our clients as they look to identify people moving from digital marketing’s cookie to in-store purchasing.”

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