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How to Hire a Great Email Marketer

The Email Profession

One question I continually hear from prospects is “we’re looking to hire someone for an email role…but we’re not sure what to look for.” I’ve had the great fortune of working with some wonderful email marketers. They have delivered incredible value for our brands and have grown into leaders of some excellent email marketing programs. I’ve also worked with a few folks who may have been better off in a different line of work. Luckily, the “n” ... Read more

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Drip Marketing

Email Strategy

A compendium of OI Blog articles on everything you need to know to get started with Drip Marketing.

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Email Innovation: Send Time Optimizing the Welcome Series

Email Buying Guide

At AudiencePoint we have been doing some really interesting things with the Welcome/New Customer/Onboarding Series of emails. We just finished the write up on one of these series based emails.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Changing ESP's.

Email Buying Guide

A comendium of articles on changing or replacing your Email Service Provider

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Weekly Email Innovation: Fresh Relevance now has Automatic Daily and Weekly Emails

Email Buying Guide

We now provide automatic daily or weekly emails.

This allows online retailers to increase their email send frequency and make more revenue, without doing more work to setup email campaigns manually.

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5 Companies Getting Social Proof Right

Email Buying Guide

People base their decisions on the wisdom of the crowd and their peers. Online 61% of customers read reviews before making a purchase decision. Think about how you choose a restaurant, you go into the one that's busy, not empty, as you think the food must be better. Social proof drives sales in the same way. Social proof is important.

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LiveIntentional: The IAB LEANS in on Ad Blocking

Email Buying Guide

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has declared “mea culpa” in regards to ad-blocking and has vowed to fix the problem with a new acronym: L.E.A.N. (Light, Encrypted, Ad choice supported, Non-invasive ads)

This week, we dive deep into how these new principles represent a solution that can work for everyone – publishers, marketers and consumers – without having to all-or-nothing solutions like ad blockers or paywalls. Mom would be so proud.

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Email Metrics to Check Daily

The Email Profession

What are the metrics that Email Marketers should be tracking.

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Coding Question on Alternate Links

Members Only Content

Hello OI’ers. I have a coding question for the group. One of my clients is having an issue tracking traffic coming from Mobile subscribers. Our links are tagged with GA UTM tags and they work fine. However, when a subscriber clicks through from the email to the site using a mobile device, the site re-directs them from the desktop version to the mobile version of the website. During that re-direct the UTM tags that track in Google ... Read more

Small percentage of Mobile opens for B2B?

Members Only Content

Question for my B2B marketers.

I recently did a B2B mailing. Over 85% of opens were on the desktop.

For my B2B mailers out there...do you see similar desktop rates on your mailings?

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Social Media Professionals: Welcome to Only Influencers.



Only Influencers is a private network, discussion list, resource and meetup group for digital marketers. It has been called a "curated" social media group meaning that each member has been vetted, researched, or is known personally by another member of Only Influencers. It began in 2005 as a Listserv called The Inbox Insiders, a who's who of email marketers and their partners, and it's reputation in the industry grew as it became the most influential, active and important networking group for email marketing professionals in the world. Don't believe me. Read the testimonials here. This is what Dan Springer, CEO of Responsys says about Only Influencers:

"The only industry information source that I religiously check everyday."

One of our members, Chris Donald from Inbox Group calls OI: "Real-Time Knowledge Sharing by the Email, Social and Mobile Influencers and Thought-Leaders.”

Besides an active discussion list and a website that provides resources for digital marketing professionals, OI also holds meetups around the country and at industry tradeshows. To see the latest meetups, become a fan of Only Influencers on Facebook.


We are currently offering Social Media Marketing Professionals

a 6 Month Trial Membership in OI. 

(Limited to first 100 Professionals who Qualify)

Who is Eligible? 

  • Brand Marketers: You must be directly involved with your company's social media marketing efforts.
  • Vendors: only non-sales positions will be considered. 
  • Consultants: thought leaders such as Jay Baer are already members. You must demonstrate a passion for and knowledge of Social Media Marketing.
  • Agencies: you must have social media responsibilities in your firm

To Apply for Membership: 

Fill out the form below and hit submit. We will review your entry and will get back to you shortly. 




Bill McCloskey, Founder, Only Influencers 

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