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The Mindset of Great Email Marketers

The Mindset of Great Email Marketers

"One of the benefits of email marketing is the tracking and reporting available to see how people are interacting with the messages sent. This includes basic email metrics as well as click-stream reporting on post-email activity on the Website, where the conversion usually occurs. So it always concerns me when I work with consulting clients that don’t leverage this data to their advantage. Sometimes it’s an institutional failure to properly track and report. But too often it’s an individual’s lack of comfort or even interest in the data that is holding them back."

One of the benefits of email marketing is the tracking and reporting available to see how people are interacting with the messages sent. This includes basic email metrics as well as click-stream reporting on post-email activity on the Website, where the conversion usually occurs.

So it always concerns me when I work with consulting clients that don’t leverage this data to their advantage. Sometimes it’s an institutional failure to properly track and report. But too often it’s an individual’s lack of comfort or even interest in the data that is holding them back.

“I’m just not a numbers person” isn’t an acceptable excuse. Being a ‘numbers person’ should be a prerequisite for any job that involves developing email marketing strategy or tactics. That means being as comfortable with spreadsheets and data as you are with copy and design – and knowing how to use the data to drive creative changes for testing that will have an impact on the bottom line.

Case in point: an ‘all hands’ client call I was on a while back regarding conversion rates on an ongoing campaign that weren’t high enough to meet internal goals. Attendees included key people in the marketing department as well as the entire creative team.

All the attendees had the best intentions. But the discussion consisted of people throwing out, willy-nilly, ideas for addressing the problem. No data was presented or discussed before the brainstorming began.

We should test subject lines. We should change the email template. We should make the calls-to-action larger. We should include more calls-to-action. We should segment the list and target the content more. We should add more links to the email. We should include fewer links in the email. We should send more frequently. We should send less frequently. It went on and on.

Certainly, with the laundry list of things presented, the answer to the problem was there. But which approach or combined approaches would actually improve conversion rates?

Enter data.

Data is the key to understanding how people are interacting with your campaigns – what factors increase the likelihood of a conversion and where you’re losing those that don’t convert. Any discussion of how to improve performance needs to begin with a detailed look at the data; otherwise, you’re just wasting time.

Case in point: A campaign where the data told me that people who watched a certain video on the Website, after clicking-through from the email, were more likely to convert. We made that video more prominent on the landing page; the conversion rate increased. It’s not rocket science; but before the detailed data analysis, it’s not a tactic that was even being considered.

It’s possible to have a level of success as an email marketer without being a ‘numbers’ person. But if you’re looking to be a great email marketer, you need to hone your quantitative skills and your ability to use the data to identify qualitative changes that will boost bottom line performance.

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I'm excited to officially announce the launch of a new Conference for Email Marketers. The Email Innovations Summit! It will be held in Las Vegas on May 18-19th.

So why another email conference and why now? Over the past year, the old stable world of email marketing has seen some dramatic changes. Changes in the number of devices that the Email Marketer needs to be aware of and test for. Changes in Design and Coding. Changes in new and exciting Acquisition techniques. Changes in Email Security and Delivery. And marketers are having trouble just keeping up. In addition, Email Marketers want to accelerate their own careers, but often don't know how to do it. The Email Innovations Summit was designed to address the rapid changes in our industry. And we have assembled some of the best email marketing minds in the world to make it happen. 


In the area of Innovation we are excited to announce that speakers like Mark Robbins, from Rebelmail (who will be opening the show with the first keynote), Justine Jordan (the EEC's Email Thought Leader of the Year) from Litmus, Elliot Ross from Action Rocket, and John Thies from Email on Acid to discuss advances in email design and coding. Topics include going beyond Responsive Design, how colors effect response, designing for multiple devices and the latest tips and tricks to add to your email design arsenal. 

Brands like George DiGuido from, Kristin Bond from the Girl Scouts of the USA, Greta MacDonald from Service Master, Jared Blank form DealNews, Michael Nuss from Shoe Carnival and Shilpi Talwar from Western Uniion  will be discussing the programs and the latest acquisition techniques and how they have incorporated technologies from Fluent and LiveIntent to super charge their list building programs. 

And Parry Malm from Phrasee, Kath Pay from Holistic Email, and folks from Persado will be demonstrating the newest subject line and machine learning techniques and tools, guaranteed to increase open rates and engagement. And Tim Watson will be teaching new ways to test your campaigns. 

Heidi Lehmann will be moderating a panel on Wearables and the Internet of Things: what do you need to know as an email marketer about the latest wearable technology and messaging to these devices. 

And Simms Jenkins, Founder of BrightWave Marketing, will be curating and moderating a fast paced Technology Shoot-out, showcasing 10 of the leading innovators in a fast paced 45 minute session. and Dela Quist founder of Alchemy Worx and Loren MacDonald, First winner of the EEC's Email Marketer of the Year award, will be delivering riveting keynote addresses on Innovation and email. 


Have you ever come away from a conversation with your IT department scratching your head? Fear no more: Laura Atkins, founder of Word to the Wise, will be explaining everything you need to know in 2016 about Email Security, ISP's, and Delivery. It will be a technical talk for a non-technical audience and you will learn the terms you need to know and why they are important.

And how do you implement all these new Innovations into your program?  Brands like Alessandra Souers (the EEC's Email Marketer of the Year) from JibJab, Kelly Haggard from Synchrony Financial will be discussing techniques for getting buy in at the C-Suite and Chris Marriott and Jeremy Grecco will be talking about successful integration from RFP to Implementation. 

Maybe you have always wanted to start your own Email Consultancy? Karen Talavera, Kath Pay, and Jeanne Jennings will be giving you the low down on the Ups and Downs of putting out your own shingle. 

Shanon Strahl will be discussion Attribution and Mitch Lapides will be giving you the Ins and Outs of properly Calculating ROI. Others speakers include Bob Frady, John Caldwell, Chris Donald, Nicholas Einstein, Jeremy Swift, and many others. 


And because this is an Only Influencers event, community and networking will be a major part of the show. Programs like Dinner with a Stranger, morning jogs, mentorship and other networking events are planned, and of course, everyone is welcome back on the OI community site to continue the conversations and the relationships you forge at the show. 

This is only a small fraction of the content, innovations, and networking opportunities we have planned. Reserve your slot now and check out the growing list of speakers and presentations at

Elliot Ross, Action Rocket: 

"We’ve been adding lots of new features to our email CMS Taxi for Email – This week we’ve made our pricing plans more accessible for all email teams, so they can make email campaigns faster and improve their email workflow.

Our Essential plan starts at $62.50/mo (paid annually) and has no limits on the amount of users on your team, or the amount of email campaigns you can produce. We have also launched a Growth plan for larger teams, which joins our existing enterprise plan.

More details & take a trial here –, also happy to arrange demos for any OI folk who are interested!"

Robert Massa, Bounce Exchange

Not really a product pitch, but I was excited to announce that Bounce Exchange is hosting our annual  Conversion Conference in April. The one of a kind conversion assembly will take place this year in beautiful Austin, Texas. 

We have received a lot of interest from sponsors, but still have some slots available. Please see below for details:

Its going to be full of brilliant content, fun events and of course the best BBQ food.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions. Will be great to see a large part of our email community there!


Andrew Bonar, EmailExpert

Not much of a pitch really, but as part of a series of new free tools emailexpert will be releasing in the next few weeks, we have an email verification tool of sorts. Email examination tool really as it examines the information as opposed to making third party calls for verification. 

Typos, disposable email address' and the like are checked for, the code for including our Ajax in your own forms is not yet available, but the batch verify is fully operational.

Laura Chau, Movable Ink

Movable Ink and Taboola are hosting a webinar next Wednesday: Guiding Consumers Through the Funnel.  We'll be talking about awesome content strategies for email acquisition and then how to turn those leads into customers through innovative email nurturing.

You can register here:

Sam Arnold, Kahuna

Hi all, if you are interested in email marketing as part of an omnichannel strategy and would like to learn how some companies are driving significantly higher engagement by incorporating customer behavior, we would love to have you join our upcoming webinar.

VentureBeat analyst Wendy Schuchart will be moderating a discussion between Brian Witlin, COO of Yummly (15M monthly users and growing) and Doug Roberge, Strategic Services Consultant at Kahuna.

You can read VentureBeat's write-up of the webinar here and can register directly here. This will be live on 1/27 at 1:00pm ET and available on-demand afterwards.

- Sam

Today we launch a new Only Influencer's feature where we "unbox" the email marketing programs of top brands around the world. Today we will be exploring the email programs of ServiceMaster®, a leading provider of residential and commercial services. Their brands include ServiceMaster Restore (disaster restoration), ServiceMaster Clean (janitorial), Merry Maids (residential cleaning), Terminix (termite and pest control), Furniture Medic (furniture repair), American Home Shield (home warranties), and AmeriSpec (home inspections).

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