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Frequently Asked Questions about Only Influencers


  • I can't login: It might be that your membership has expired, you put the wrong user name in, or the wrong password. You can pick on the "forgot Login" link to get a reminder for your login or your password. 
  • Are my posts going out to the List? I didn't see my post: In most cases this is because you posted with an email address that is not listed in the database for that list. If you register as but try and post as, your post won't go through. You can login and change your email address under the "Your Details" under the User Menu. 
  • How do I post a job on the OI Site and Newsletter?: The best way is to send me a link to the job at If you do not have a link, I can host it for you, but I prefer a link. Make sure to include the location of the position. 
  • How do I get listed on the Twitter Handles to Follow/Pinerest Links to Follow/Top Email Agencies/Top Email Freelancers and Consultants pages? Just send me a note at 

more coming!