Attention CMOs: Get Technical or Die

Sandy Hathaway

by Sandy Hathaway

"70% of email marketers don’t have time to think of subject lines, and only 5% use advanced analysis techniques"

For CMOs to appropriately embrace new technologies, keep their companies ahead of the competition, and convince others in their organizations to bring more data-driven applications to their marketing stack, they need to have a firm grasp on the underlying technologies that power their success. They don’t need to be implementation or tactical experts, but they do need to know how things work and fit into their marketing mix. It’s no longer enough to be translators of market dynamics and masters of marketing strategies.

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Marketing in China: WeChat, What Marketers Need To Know


WeChat has been called the only social platform that scares Facebook. With 300 million users and growing, WeChat is the dominant player in China's explosive mobile market. Digital Marketers are frothing, trying to figure out the best marketing strategies to reach those eyeballs. But is it really a great platform for marketers? And what is the role of email in China? Login to discover the best opportunities and the most effective strategies to successfully marketing in China. 

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The Quant Method

The Quant Method has taken the psychology of Myers-Briggs personality types and turned it into a highly-targeted marketing strategy. Using a proprietary algorithm, TQM identifies the personality types in a client's customer list and prescribes personality-specific content to increase engagement, drive purchase behavior and reduce the cost of acquisition. TQM can append personality types to 175+ million U.S. names. Each personality type is treated differently. We know what to say and what not to say. And who buys first; who buys last and the best way to reach and inform them.  If you’re interested in marketing to personality types, let’s talk.

Trish Wend, Vice President of The Quant Method, The Quant Method

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Debate: Is Canada's Anti-Spam Law Working or a Disaster?


According to Cloudmark's Q1 2015 Benchmark report: "Last year Canada implemented one of the strongest anti-spam laws in the world, CASL. We took a close look at the impact, and the results surprised us. We saw a 37% reduction in spam originating from Canada, but it wasn’t just spam that went down. Over all, Canadians received 29% less email after CASL was implemented. We believe this is because there was a lot of marketing email which was not technically spam but did not meet the strong requirements for affirmative consent required by CASL."

But what is the effect on legitimate email marketers? Some major brands are reporting that they have dropped Canadian addresses from their databases, even though they comply with the stringent new standards because the preceived risk is too high. 

So is CASL a success or a disaster. The Influencers debate the topic.

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*(Rebel’s Guide to Email, D.J.Waldow)