The Email Profession

What is your Email Legacy?

by David Baker

I’ve admired many people in this industry for many years, some with more public backgrounds and contributions than others. But you always wonder what drives these people to be so vocal, what is it that they want to leave an imprint on for our industry and what big things not necessarily tied to the industry that they aspire to do to improve our world. 

I believe it’s more than professional success, or recognition or being on stage.  So, I thought I’d ask some of my favorite insiders; What is your legacy?  What is your Oprah Moment? and Why are you so vocal in the industry?

Here’s a transcript from those conversations with some well known people with far different backgrounds:  Jeanne Jennings, Derek Harding, Bob Frady, Jaffer Ali, Loren McDonald, and Ryan Phelan.

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