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Great thanks to Influencer Jeanne Jennings for writing such a nice article for ClickZ this week: 2 Industry Organizations Every Email Marketer Should Join. She mentions the EEC and Only Influencers!

Thanks Jeanne!

Mission Statement

"Only Influencers is dedicated to the support of the individual email marketing professional, to the promotion of the companies that service those professionals, and to the growth of the email marketing industry as a whole."

-Bill McCloskey, Founder

Why Join Only Influencers?

How Can Only Influencers Help Your Brand?

"Your Only Influencers group is unbelievably valuable. Dare I say more valuable than any other professional organization I've joined."


A great Atlanta Meetup yesterday at the Brightwave Marketing Offices. Thanks to Simms Jenkins for hosting!

From Left to Right: David Bronson, Chris Arrendale, Spencer Kollas, Sydney Aron Sullivan, Nancy Harris,

Jai Santiago Williams, Bill McCloskey, Ryan Sagan, Kevin Hickey, Stephen Guerra, Simms Jenkins



Chris Arrendale


David Bronson


Jai Santiago Williams


Nancy Harris


Ryan Sagan


Simms Jenkins


Spencer Kollas


Stephen Guerra


Sydney Aron Sullivan

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