Special Edition: What to Do Your First Week as an Email Marketer

We asked two Veterns and two relative newcomers to answer the question: What To Do Your First Week as an Email Marketer.

Joy Ugi: Tips for an Email Marketer's First Week on the Job

Starting a new position is usually a challenge, and when that new position is in email marketing, it can be even tougher.

David Baker: The First 90 Days as an Email Marketer

Have you taken on a new role? With the average tenure of email marketers at just under those of politicians and CMOs, new leaders and managers need to think about the first 90 days both tactically and strategically.

Chester Bullock: 6 Tips For your First Week as an Email Marketer

I remember when I learned I was going to be responsible for email marketing for a new employer. My first reaction was “ok, what did I get into?”

Brent Levi: First Week on the Job as an Email Marketer

Email probably isn't what you had in mind as your first digital job, but if you’re lucky enough to have scored that gig, chances are you won't want to leave it now.

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