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OI Newsletter
This Week: June 21st, 2012

Moderator's Note: OI Newsletter Special Edition!


(Please note: this will be a special edition of the newsletter and will be completely dedicated to the OI expansion news. I will post the jobs and announcements in next week’s newsletter).


 I am so excited to be able to announce to you the next phase of Only Influencers. For sometime now, I’ve wondered if the community we’ve created here could be translated to different industries and groups.

Well, now we are going to find out.

Starting Today, I’m announcing a special Beta Program for an Expanded Only Influencers:

“Real Estate Pros” will be a community site dedicated to professional real estate brokers and it will be managed by my friend and colleague Michelle Churchill, herself a realtor.  Real Estate Pros will allow realtors to ask questions, provide referrals, and provide support to the Realtor community.

Startup” will a community dedicated to entrepreneurs and sole proprietors.   It will be a place to vet ideas, find resources, and provide support to those who are starting a new business or service.  I will be managing Startup myself.

Only Graphics” will be a community dedicated to graphic designers and will be managed by a fabulous graphic designer Amanda Holloway, a graphic designer who is doing the redesign of the OI site.

During the beta program, each community will be limited to 100 people and there will be NO CHARGE to join. Once the communities are up and running, we will switch over to the paid model.

Each Community will have it's own resource area within the Only Influencers Website, which is being redesigned right now. 

Lead Exchange: Clearly there is a wonderful opportunity to generate new leads for Only Influencers Members. Graphic artists have needs for email marketing experts and trusted real estate professionals. Email Marketers might need a trusted real estate agent or a graphic artist. Realtors have need for email marketing expertise and graphic designers. And of course, Entrepreneurs will have need for email marketing and graphics expertise as well. 

We will be adding a Lead Exchange so that each community can find the experts they need in different disciplines knowing that they are getting a vetted Only Influencers member whom they can trust. 

As I mentioned: during the beta period there will be no charge. Current influencers can join the other communities as long as they pass the vetting process. In other words to join Real Estate Pros, you do need to be a licensed real estate broker.

Please Pass the Word: If you know Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Professionals or Graphic Artists and Designers, please invite them to join.

Influencers, this is the first step in creating a vetted community of industry professionals for the purpose of community, education, support, mentoring, and lead generation. Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions.

To apply for membership go to

Thanks for all your support in making this a reality. And Please: 


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