Alison AquiarAlison Aquiar, Senior Manager, Email Operations, Barnes &

"Thank you so much for starting this group and providing a forum for people to ask and receive advice, and share information. It has become an invaluable resource, and I’ve met many more people than I would have if I just attended conferences or ESP client meetings. I am honored to be in this crowd"

Andrew BonarAndrew Bonar, Founder, Deliverability Limited

"Only Influencers, as ever: the fastest route to relevant connections in the industry!"

Andrew KordekAndrew Kordek, Co-Founder & COO, Trendline Interactive

"Bill is awesome. I love straight shooters and Bill is one of them. You always know where you stand with him and I appreciate his candor. We got to know one another while I was at Sears and he invited me into the Only Influnecers while I was there. Our relationship begin in a really funny way and to this day, we laugh about it.

Bill is super passionate and extremely well respected in the industry. I have learned so much by being in Only Influencers and am truly grateful to Bill for letting be a part. His industry knowledge is second to none and he is one of those guys I know I can call up and get some great advice on.

I am honored and humbled to know BIll and look forward to continuing our relationship in the years to come.”

Andy FalwellAndy Falwell, Email Product Manager, Imagitas

"I believe that I can speak for those of us on the list who are perhaps not as far along in our careers when I say that the willingness of this list to lend advice and help solve problems has been one of the most effective tools in my career-improvement tool belt I owe you (and the entire list) a genuine and heartfelt thank-you for helping me establish myself and build internal and external credibility among my peers, colleagues and bosses.

This list has provided me with more education and better connections than anything I could have dreamed of. What a bargain! So congratulations on another successful year and thank you for building us this great resource."

bill-kaplanBill Kaplan, CEO, Fresh Address

"Only Influencers is an invaluable resource for individuals interested in maximizing the opportunities available in the online marketing space. Bill McCloskey has built a community of the leading online marketers and providers, who share valuable insights with one another on an hour-by-hour basis in the spirit of raising the bar for everyone. If you’ve got a problem to resolve or a goal to achieve, there’s no better crowd-sourcing platform to turn to"

Bob FradyBob Frady, VP, Monetization, Zeeto Media

"OI is wonderful resource full of smart, passionate and opinionated people who debate the issues most relevant to email. It's the email I always look forward to reading. Next to ComiCon, it's my favorite nerd hangouthich is equally important to a growing company in a specialized field. This closed and trusted environment is why I can't recommend OI enough."

chris-donaldChris Donald, Founder, Inbox Group

"In my humble opinion, my Only Influencers membership is my most valued resources for email marketing, social and mobile information sharing.

The group is full of the best minds in the industry. If you need help or have a question you’ll get feedback from some of the industry’s best and brightest.

Everything from strategy to creative to testing to deployment to analytics and deliverability. Nothing else I’m involved in even comes close to the value of this group. I’m proud to me a member and confident you’ll see the value as well.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketing veteran or a rookie just learning, you find real value here."

dane-robbinsDane Robbins, Principal, Digital Marketing Strategist, Fluent

Your Only Influencers group is unbelievably valuable. Dare I say more valuable than any other professional organization I've joined.

karen-talaveraKaren Talavera, President, Synchronicity Marketing

"Only Influencers delivers numerous advantages that I've not experienced with any other group, association or organization - and I've been involved in many. It's truly a fast-track to the insiders in my industry - plus their wealth of experience and connections.

That kind of access in a confidential, professional context is priceless to me as an independent consultant and significantly benefits my clients. Not only have I found OI a treasure-trove of real-world intelligence and proven practices, but also an ideal way to grow visibility and credibility for oneself.

OI has generated multiple new business opportunities and keeps me, as a professional services provider, center stage before my ideal target market."

Mike AustinMike Austin, CEO, Fresh Relevance

"OI is the best source of inside knowledge about everything in the world of email marketing. It's populated by experts who share their knowledge and experience freely, and I gain insights that I couldn't get anywhere else."

Samantha IodiceSamantha Iodice, Founder & Chief Geek, The Email Maven

"OI is my first stop in the morning and my go-to when I have questions, doing research or sharing a good (or horrifying) find that only a fellow email geek would appreciate. OI and Bill are totally awesome sauce :)"

simms-jenkinsSimms Jenkins, Founder and CEO, BrightWave

"Only Influencers has become one of the few communities that I stop, listen and pay attention to at all times.

As a group of expert and senior digital marketers it is a unique and compelling way to network, learn and get to know peers on many fronts. The real gravy is that BrightWave has developed substantial business relationships after connecting with OI members.

Not only have several major brands hired BrightWave as their email agency as a result of the OI community, we have also received leads on potential new hires through OI which is equally important to a growing company in a specialized field. This closed and trusted environment is why I can't recommend OI enough."

Tim WatsonTim Watson, Founder, Zettasphere

"The ultimate email social group with a true spirit of helping each other. A place where the norm is for questions to get several excellent answers in minutes and thorny issues get in depth debated"