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Only Influencers: The Organization Every Email Marketer Should Join

2 Industry Organizations Every Email Marketers Should Join

by Jeanne Jennings, Clickz

A look at two organizations that will help email marketers stay connected and involved in the email marketing community. One thing I love about the email marketing industry is the comradery. I was reminded of this again last week while I was in New York on business. I was lucky enough to connect with fellow ClickZ columnist Stephanie Miller and a few other industry friends for dinner. I've had similar dinners in Atlanta, Kansas City, London, Washington, D.C., and many other places. If you're an email marketer and you aren't linked into this community, you're missing out. So I thought I would write today about two organizations that are near and dear to my heart - and which I highly encourage you to join if you're looking to build a career in email marketing. They are the Email Experience Council (EEC) and Only Influencers (OI).

Cost to Join OI

Only Influencers' Membership is $20 a month or $200 a year, cancel at anytime.

Only Influencers is a selective, curated community. We reject about 15% of people who apply. If you are rejected for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

Why Join Only Influencers

Brand Side

Discussion Lists: Quick answers to email marketing questions: The OI membership is made up of the top email marketing professionals in the world. For the last 10 years, email professionals have looked to this community as a private and trusted source for information.

Email Best Practice: The OI site is a resource for white papers, blogs by leading thought leaders, design and compliance, guides, archived discussions.

Meetups: OI Meetups take place around the world where members can get together and meet their peers face to face.

Newsletter: The Weekly OI newsletter is available for members to promote their latest news, job postings, or to find their next job opportunity.

Blog: Build your personal brand by writing for the OI blog. The OI blog is read by thousands of email marketing professionals each week.


Only Influencers provides many ways to promote your company, product, or service to a highly targeted audience of Email Marketers.

Free Promotion in the Only Influencers Newsletter: promote your job listings, webinars, press releases, speaking events, or any other item you wish to promote in the weekly OI newsletter.

Friday Pitch Day. Each Friday, Vendors can pitch the OI membership on any new product or services they offer.

Relationship Building: Participate in the Only Influencers discussion in order to build strong lasting relationships in the email marketing industry.

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