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Bill McCloskey

Bill McCloskey is the founder of Only Influencers and eDataSource.

Exclusive First Look: Unboxing eDataSource's Delivery Index

Exclusive First Look: Unboxing eDataSource's Delivery Index

Today we are excited to give you an Only Influencers EXCLUSIVE: the first look at eDataSource’s Delivery Index tool which is launching this week. Delivery Index is similar to products such as Return Path’s excellent Sender Score tool, which has been an industry standard for many years. I sat down this week with eDataSource CEO, G.B. Heidarsson who gave me a pre-launch walkthrough of the product.

(As a bit of background, eDataSource was launched in 2003 in my garage. At that time, it was the first Competitive Intelligence tool for email marketing and it launched a new industry (email intelligence). For the first time, brands could directly see the effect of email marketing on site traffic, not only for their own brands, but for their competitors. It was a game changer and gave email marketing the respect it deserved. Much has changed since I was working in my garage. In 2010 I left the company to form Only Influencers and have been thrilled at watching the innovations made to the product after I left. It is good to know I left the company in good hands.)

On to the review:

As G.B explained to me, reputation tools up until now focused on IP reputation, which was one of the major factors ISP’s use when deciding to deliver to the inbox. Measuring IP reputation is often done via Seed accounts and that data becomes the basis of your reputation score.

Delivery Index, on the other hand,  is not an IP reputation score but a DOMAIN reputation score. It takes into consideration not only IP reputation but blacklists, spam traps, spam complaints, subscriber engagement, and dozens of other factors. Today’s ISP’s incorporate all of these factors in determining what emails get delivered into the inbox and which don’t. Delivery Index monitors and includes all of these filters when generating your reputation score.

It does this by using a real panel of 2.5 million worldwide users, rather than seed addresses, which, according to G.B. gives a much more realistic and consistent score across any of the over 200,000 senders and millions of emails it tracks.

Let’s take a look at the interface.

Typing a sending domain into the search bar brings up brings up a graphic with the current real time score of the domain from 1-10. In this case I searched on The Delivery Index for the Gap is excellent, a 9.4, with 100% delivery for AOL and Yahoo mail. There are some slight issues with Gmail and Hotmail, but in general a great score.deliveryindex1


Below we see their delivery and sending volume for the past 11 days. Their delivery is 100% on most days, but June 30th showed a dip in delivery which could be ISP related. 80% of those who received the Gap emails read them, and no one over a 7 day period deleted a Gap email. We can also mouse over each graph to see the delivery per ISP: in this case, on June 29th there is zero spam score and 100% delivery at each of the major ISP's. 


Compare that to Chloe and Isabel. Their overall score is 8.9 and they are clearly having issues delivering to hotmail. deliveryindex3When we look at their delivery, we see delivery to hotmail clients is low, dropping to 50% at one point. But worse, their emails are only being read by 7% of the audience and the folks deleting their emails is at 39%. You’ll notice that you can also see a graphic of their latest email campaign.deliveryindex4

You can try Delivery Index yourself and check your own Domain Reputation by going to There are currently a limited number of searches per day and you can get an addition 5 searches by registering.


Every Friday, the OI members get to pitch the Membership on their latest tools and services. This is the August Edition.

Dela Quist Says:

Many of you will already be familiar with the Touchstone testing platform for subject lines and will be interested to hear that we have also developed a reporting dashboard for email and would like to offer the opportunity to join the pre Beta test group to anyone on the list looking to enhance their reporting capabilities. One very interesting capability of the dashboard is ESP migration or users of more than 1 ESP (marketing v transactional for example). The dashboard will allow you to compare campaigns and report across both. As the dashboard is still in testing, you will not be charged. Here is what to do if you would like to be part of the beta group

Step 1: Create an account

Register for an account here: using this Visa number: 4012888888881881

It works with any name, any expiration date and any CVC number

Step 2: Upload data

After you’ve created an account, the dashboard will pre-populated with sample data so you can play around with the charts.  To really use the dashboard, you’ll need to upload your campaign data.  The method to do this depends on your ESP:

If you use one of the fully-integrated ESP (MailChimp, Silverpop, ExactTarget, Hubspot, Campaign Monitor)

Navigate to the “Add ESP” page:  then select your ESP and follow the instructions.  Note that the dashboard does not download personal information (such as email addresses) from your ESP.


Once your ESP has been added, wait a few minutes (it can take up to 5) while the dashboard downloads your campaign data in the background.  You will then be able to see your campaign on the dashboard charts.

You only have to do this once: your data will automatically be refreshed regularly.

If you use another ESP

If your ESP is not listed above, you can still be up and running in minutes by uploading your data manually.  There are 2 ways to upload your data.

The first option is to upload a file containing your campaign data.  Navigate to the Data Upload page) and upload a CSV or Excel file containing your campaign details (campaign names, mailing dates, send volumes, open rates, click rates, etc.).  The data upload wizard will guide you during the upload.  No specific data format is necessary.


The second option is to navigate to the Data page and write (or copy-paste) your data in the data spreadsheet.


Step 3: Enjoy

Let me know of any bugs or user experience challenges you find

Ajay Goel says


This week I published this article, that I've been working on for months:

The 2017 Guide to Domain Blacklists

I've attempted to put together the web's most thorough guide on domain-based blacklists. I cover the big guys that everyone's heard of, like Spamhaus, and even some smaller players, like

I'm sure there are lots of experts on blacklists in this crowd, so feel free to point out any mistakes or incorrect assumptions I've made. I'm open to the feedback! And I hope it provides some value to you.

Mike Austin says


Fresh Relevance have now released an all-new version of their integration with Magento 2, which powers triggered emails, cross-channel personalization, real-time images in email campaigns, etc..

The Fresh Relevance connector empowers digital marketers to increase online sales and build long-term customer loyalty through right-time, data-driven web, mobile, email and social media personalization with predictable ROI. It empowers you to quickly customize and automate your personalization and optimization programs through a proven, practical toolset loved by users of all skill levels.

As Magento's General Technology Partner, we are proud to offer its 250,000 worldwide merchants access to an extensive suite of omnichannel personalization and real-time profiling tools, all in a single platform.

With email content, web content, and real-time profiling tools in one platform, you now have a cost effective solution to drive conversions throughout the entire customer journey. Access the tools you need when you need them.


Today we are excited to give you an Only Influencers EXCLUSIVE: the first look at eDataSource’s Delivery Index tool which is launching this week. Delivery Index is similar to products such as Return Path’s excellent Sender Score tool, which has been an industry standard for many years. I sat down this week with eDataSource CEO, G.B. Heidarsson who gave me a pre-launch walkthrough of the product.

Each week, the Only Influencers members get to pitch the membership on their latest and greatest tools, services, and studies. Here is the June edition of the Best of the Friday Pitches:

What if you could guarantee that you would have 100% deliverability and 3x the open rate for your email marketing programs? That is the promise of some new technology being developed to help marketers deliver the content of their emails in the format preferred by a large segment of the population: chatbots. 

Every Friday, the OI Membership gets to pitch the community on their latest and greatest innovations. Here is the latest set of innovations: 

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