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Friday Pitch Day, Jan 27th, 2017: Reply Monitor

Friday Pitch Day, Jan 27th, 2017: Reply Monitor

Chris Arrendale says:

Inbox Pros now offers a way for email marketing departments to no longer worry about monitoring email campaign replies, using our new service Reply Monitor:

What are email marketing replies?

When sending marketing emails, it is expected to receive replies such as, unsubscribe requests, out-of-office replies, an inquiry about your product/service offering, etc. Companies tend to lose revenue as they do not have time to go through these email replies. Our Reply Monitor service is designed to handle these replies and to avoid this problem.

How does it work?

Reply Monitor integrates with Email Service Providers and Marketing Automation Providers, making it easy and convenient to use. Our Reply Monitor service monitors the marketing reply mailbox(s) to suppress those recipients who want to unsubscribe, inquire about your product/service, delete out-of-office replies, and keeps spam from sitting in the Inbox. For that reason, you will save a generous amount of time for more appropriate marketing responsibilities. We work closely with your team to build a custom plan of action to care for your incoming mail replies and inquiries. Never worry about missing those important email replies!

Companies like Wenner Media (Rolling Stone Magazine, Us Weekly, and Men's Journal) have already benefited from integrating Reply Monitor ( Inbox Pros works with clients of all shapes and sizes to monitor email marketing replies. Allow our Reply Monitor service to help your company gain back more time and revenue.

Next Steps?

After a brief introductory call to understand your needs, our team will begin monitoring your email marketing replies with Reply Monitor. We can also provide custom reports on the emails coming into your reply mailboxes.

For more information, and to schedule a free call, please visit or call 678-214-3739.

Press release -

Today we are excited to give you an Only Influencers EXCLUSIVE: the first look at eDataSource’s Delivery Index tool which is launching this week. Delivery Index is similar to products such as Return Path’s excellent Sender Score tool, which has been an industry standard for many years. I sat down this week with eDataSource CEO, G.B. Heidarsson who gave me a pre-launch walkthrough of the product.

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What if you could guarantee that you would have 100% deliverability and 3x the open rate for your email marketing programs? That is the promise of some new technology being developed to help marketers deliver the content of their emails in the format preferred by a large segment of the population: chatbots. 

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