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Gretchen is a marketing consultant with 15+ years of experience developing and implementing strategic solutions to business challenges. The best opportunities start with the business need, map known customer behaviors, consider communication solutions across marketing channels, and guide people (both customers and employees) to act in ways that reflect their own best interests while working towards business goals and objectives. Gretchen has a background in traditional direct marketing channels, such as telemarketing, teleservice, and direct mail, as well as experience with digital marketing tools and channels from search engine marketing and online servicing to blogging, email, social, and mobile.Specialties:Digital MarketingDigital StrategySocial Media Integration, Social CRMP&L ManagementStrategy Development & Implementation Contract NegotiationsLoyalty MarketingB2C & B2B Marketing Demand Generation & Direct Response Marketing Email Marketing / Mobile Marketing / TelemarketingSEM/Corporate Blogging
I would classify my career in two words; "Multiplier Effect"​. Combination of two decades of great connections to smart people, roles and access at the highest levels within some of the largest Data and Agency brands and with some of the largest, most iconic brands in the industry. . My role is to optimize today, prepare for tomorrow and drive smart technology and business innovation cross the Adtech/Marketing industry. I've learned to give knowledge unconditionally and that you must continually reinvent yourself and your outlook.
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