FulcrumTech is a full-service email-marketing agency that has a strong reputation for helping clients realize significant increases in their email-marketing ROI.

FulcrumTech is dedicated not only to email best practices, but to results. The strategic, creative, and analytics teams at FulcrumTech have won awards from some of the most esteemed groups in the biz, such as the American Marketing Association (“Marketer of the Year — B2B” and “Marketer of the Year — Pharma/Medical”) and The Marketer Quarterly (“Best Welcome Email — Consumer Products”).

And if you’d like to try out the same tool that FulcrumTech uses with many of its clients for modeling and calculating email ROI, you can check it out here (for free): https://fulcrumtech.net/email-roi/. It’s called ROI Goalsetter® and has been independently recognized as one of the most valuable tools available for measuring marketing ROI.


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