Why You Should Join Only Influencers

If you are not passionate about Email Marketing, save your money. 

Being accepted as a member of OI has nothing to do with your job experience, although the majority of members have been in the digital marketing space for over 5 years. Many over 10. But we also have people who have just started, or those that have a long history in marketing but need to get up to speed on the digital side quickly. They all share one thing: it is not just a job to them. It is their passion. 

"Hey Influencers -It gives me great pleasure to let all of you know that I have recently accepted a position as Senior Director of Global Outbound Marketing for Expedia.com. I'll be (eventually) relocating up to Seattle and start my new role on Dec 5th. My initial responsibility will be in managing and growing Expedia's domestic and international email efforts, with additional forays into mobile and (possibly) social. I am super excited about the opportunity.

I have to give a huge round of thanks to Bill. He let me join the Influencers when - frankly - I was simply resting on my laurels. I love this group and am invigorated by the discussions. Being part of this group reignited my passion for the space. I'm thrilled to be "back in." 

You may ask, "Bob, how did you find such a cool role?" The answer? The Influencers Job Board. It does work. So to Bill - thank you, thank you, thank you." - Bob Frady, Expedia.com

Yes, we have a job board and people get new jobs and find new hires through it. We don't charge a dime for the service. It is part of being a member: 

"Dori Thompson got me added to the list in the summer of 2010. I had been laid off from my last job and was trying to do the independent consulting thing. Dori thought this would be a great way for me to network. I went ahead and posted something about some issues I was having with Yahoo. Morgan Stewart saw my post and sent me a private message reconnecting as it had been a few years since we had last talked. Long story short, he was planning to start Trendline and was looking for some help. I was quite happy to drop the independent thing and go to work for him and Andrew (Kordek). The rest is history! :-)

Could it have happened without OI? Possibly - but probably not nearly as quickly and easily as it all came together. So thank you." Michele Souder, Trendline Interactive

But mostly it is about the discussions: 

"The OI list has done so much for me personally I don’t even know where to begin.  I would have to say the biggest impact is the learning that takes place on a daily basis.  We work with so many diverse clients that knowing the trends and questions that marketers have is always a mystery.  The OI list has made it possible to find and follow trends and challenges from marketers that we have been able to turn into opportunities for growth with our client base.  It also provide my team a way to learn from others in the industry and the challenges and successes that they have.  This atmosphere of sharing makes the community better through daily reminders that we are all learning and striving for success." Ryan Phelan, Blue Hornet

And the Thought Leadership: 

"What I see as most valuable from Only Influencers is the frank, and open discourse with cross-disciplinary experts in modern brand marketing. That to me is invaluable and can't be found at any old conference or online forum. This is the only list of it's kind I belong to, despite a robust contact network and highly connected professional profile. The topics are often un-expected but always relevant to modern digital brand marketing, with fresh perspectives and more passion than you know what to do with!" Andy Goldman, RAPP

And Even Getting A Promotion and Additional Resources: 

"I used info to get promoted and get another team member, but you can’t say (Fortune 100 Company) unfortunately." Only Influencer Member

There are Tangible and Intangible benefits: 

"I feel pretty strongly that my membership to the list has produced a lot of intangibles for me: increased visibility in the industry, a podium for me to speak my mind without being judged, an area to test thought leadership concepts, opportunity to rub elbows with other leaders, etc. 

Not to mention I've had some tangible results as well: a case of wine (as winner of an OI contest), a speaking opportunity at ad:tech, and occasionally inquiries about Litmus based on my posts to the list." Justine Jordan, Litmus

So who can Join?

Those in the Trenches. Those that are Passionate. Those that need to Learn. Those that want to Share What They've Learned.

Brand Marketers, Vendors, Consultants, Agencies, Publishers. Anyone who has a stake in the future of digital and email marketing. 

"OI is a terrific forum for leading email marketers and service providers to tap into the collective wisdom of the group to raise issues, share concerns, solve problems, gain expertise, and even let their hair down." Bill Kaplan, Fresh Address

So, if this sounds like you: join today. I will personally review your application and inform you of your membership status within 24 hours. Once you become a member, you will have a worldwide community of the most knowledgable and passionate people in the industry at your service. 

I look forward to having as part of the family. CLICK HERE TO JOIN TODAY


Bill McCloskey, Founder

Only Influencers, LLC

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