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Best Email Marketing Pitches of the Week

Every Friday, Members of Only Influencers get to pitch their latest tools and products to the OI membership. Here are this week's best pitches: 

Tim Watson says:

Something for MailChimp users or anyone thinking of becoming a MailChimp user...

I work with clients using a variety of platforms and due to the size of MailChimp user base it crops up frequently.

It's not just used by mom & pop anymore, I know one company that sent 6.7 million emails last month on MailChimp.

But one thing I do see is a common set of things MailChimp users get wrong.

So here's the top five >>

Covers everything from deliverability, saving money to making money.

Palash Bagchi says:

Marketing Influencers, 

We have rushed but just released Retainly Marketing Automation's Beta, 20 minutes back. We have not done a public announcement yet. But I guess no harm to invite you all close friends to sign up first and test the platform's capability. 

Retainly has been built with simplicity in mind, for Bloggers, Digital Media, SaaS, Internet Business, Real Estate, and others. It includes both the traditional and modern approach to email marketing. You can bulk upload your contacts into Lists and send them blasts- for Traditional Marketers. Or you can automatically add your contacts into Segments using either Retainly's Tracking Script, or Intercom, Segment, Woopra, Mixpanel, Wordpress - for modern Marketing Automation. 

If you have event tracking enabled using any of the above scripts, Retainly will automatically track your customer events. We designed a machine learning adaptive mechanism with which your contacts can automatically move between Live Segments based on their Behavior. You can set auto triggers to such Live Segments and send auto-selected customers real-time and relevant notifications via Email, SMS, and InApp. (Push Notification is coming soon).  

We also introduced PromoBox that can be embedded within your Blogs and even within your Medium Posts to collect New Subscriber information. I am too excited to know about your experience and feedback about Retainly. But let me stop my chatter and let you experience the other features. 

You can signup now. I promise it will be fun and easy. 

Katey Charles Darpel says:

Hi all,

My staff recently launched one of the most comprehensive and accurate email marketing glossaries out there. Our Ultimate Email Marketing Glossary includes terms that are often misused or misunderstood, like email client and delivery rate. We’re at 127 terms and growing. We hope you find it helpful!

David Rangel says:

Hi everyone,

We (Iterable) have a new User Engagement Teardown this week, this time focusing on what messages Uber and Lyft send out after signup and how they compare.


Every Friday, the OI members get to pitch the Membership on their latest tools and services. This is the August Edition.

Today we are excited to give you an Only Influencers EXCLUSIVE: the first look at eDataSource’s Delivery Index tool which is launching this week. Delivery Index is similar to products such as Return Path’s excellent Sender Score tool, which has been an industry standard for many years. I sat down this week with eDataSource CEO, G.B. Heidarsson who gave me a pre-launch walkthrough of the product.

Each week, the Only Influencers members get to pitch the membership on their latest and greatest tools, services, and studies. Here is the June edition of the Best of the Friday Pitches:

What if you could guarantee that you would have 100% deliverability and 3x the open rate for your email marketing programs? That is the promise of some new technology being developed to help marketers deliver the content of their emails in the format preferred by a large segment of the population: chatbots. 

Every Friday, the OI Membership gets to pitch the community on their latest and greatest innovations. Here is the latest set of innovations: 

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