New OI Survey: OI Survey: How Do You Generate and Deploy Ideas?

Survey Created by Loren McDonald.

We are excited to present this new Only Influencers Survey created by Influencer Loren McDonald: 
Please answer the following questions about how you (brand marketers) both generate ideas and get email marketing programs successfully deployed. If you are with an agency/consultant/technology vendor, and you wish to participate, please answer the questions based on your experience working with clients or in a previous life on the brand side.1. How do you typically come up with ideas for new or revised/updated email marketing programs? (select all that apply) 
2. What have been your keys to getting email marketing projects up and running? (select all that apply) 
3. Do you/your marketing team/department or company have a formal or widely-used informal process for getting approval and/or budget/resources to launch new unplanned marketing programs?
4. Does your marketing team/department have access to budget money set aside for experimenting, trying new things?
5. Which of the following best describes your role? (check only one) 

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