Email Metrics to Check Daily

Email Metrics to Check Daily

What are the metrics that Email Marketers should be tracking.


What is it?"Click to Open Rate"
Formula: Divide Unique Clicks by Unique Opens and multiply by 100 to get a percentage.
Frequency: Appoximately once a month.
What it Measures: Click to Open Rate provides data on the level of audience engagement in your email. Open rate and click through rate can vary based on list size. By using CTOR, the email marketer can normalize engagement metrics regardless of list size. By tracking CTOR, the email marketer can make informed decisions on which content is connecting with subscribers and what isn't.

Hard Bounce Rate

What is it? An invalid email address. The address could be old, have syntax errors, be a fake address or other permanent failure.
Frequency: Check Daily.  
What it Measures: The number of bad, undeliverable email addresses on your list. These should be cleared from your list immediately to maintain your sender reputation.

Open Rate

What is it? The percentage of unique opens to your email.
Frequency: Daily
What it Measures: A change in Open Rate can indicate List Fatigue. List Fatigue might indicate a time to prune the list, check for potential delivery issues, or indicate a time for a "win-back" campaign. It might also indicate that it is time to review how engaging your content is.
One method to test for list fatique is to graph each sign up by the number of days on the list. Example: day 1 is when they first sign up and day 500 might be the present day. Graphing each sign up against similar days on the list and running metrics against days on the list can yield interesting insights into engagement and list fatigue. It can also be insightful to measure list fatigue by acquisition source. (see "Engagement Levels of Email Acquistion Sources").

Revenue Per Customer

What it Measures: the revenue that your campaigns are generating. Some say this is the only metric to follow.

Email Metrics to Check Daily

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