Friday Pitch Day Winner: Wylei's A/B testing Product

Friday Pitch Day Winner: Wylei's A/B testing Product

Good morning, everyone. Very excited to introduce Wylei's core machine learning-driven A/B testing product to the group. Would love to connect off list with anyone who has any feedback or wants to learn more.

Email marketers love to talk about A/B testing, but I’ve got three dirty little secrets for you:

  1. We rarely do it. Because it’s a pain in the butt. It’s embarrassing, but sometimes it’s not until days after the fact that we even know what actually happened.
  2. When we do it, we oversimplify it. We don’t robustly design the test with statistics, we don’t segment the results, we don’t ask “why,” and we don’t keep listening to see if the answer changes over time (hint: it does).
  3. Truth is, it’s not A or B, it’s A and B. A is best for some people in some contexts, and B is better for other people in other contexts. But we throw the baby out with the bath water and decide that B is better for everyone, all the time.

Don’t be ashamed. The reality is that A/B testing the “right” way just isn’t a realistic ask of a marketer. How could you possibly be expected to do all that, in real time, without some serious help? That’s why here at Wylei, we trained machines to do all this for you, automatically, and in real time, by dropping a single line of code into your email.

As your subscribers start opening up the email, we use real-time machine learning to automatically find patterns in where A is working best, where B is working best, and automatically pivot to the best option, in the moment of open, for each individual context (based on device, weather, geolocation, demographics, time of day, phase of the moon, or any other factor your marketing mind can conjure).

With the collection of nerds, algorithms, and big brands we’ve assembled to nail this problem, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that our clients see dramatic stepchanges in their email performance when they plug us in. But you might be surprised to know that for all of the high tech going on in the background, we’re also great guys to work with.

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