Friday Pitch: Instant Preview and Checklist from Litmus

Friday Pitch: Instant Preview and Checklist from Litmus

Greetings from the folks at Litmus!

We're thrilled to announce the release ofInstant Previews and Checklist.

Instant Previews

Our re-imagined platform moves email testing into the building phase, allowing marketers see how their emails will look across every email client and device in real time. Every time you press "save" as you build an email, real screenshots refresh instantly, showing you how your email will look in Gmail, Outlook, iPhone, and dozens of additional apps and programs.


Instead of manually checking every email to make sure links and images work properly, send Litmus a copy and we'll run dozens of checks for you to make sure it's ready to send.Ten years of research and best practices help to optimize your from name, subject line, and preview text. You'll see how your email appears in popular inboxes and get a checklist of improvements

These innovations shave hours off the email creation and testing process, making email production more accurate and more efficient. Former testing hours can now be rededicated to creating new possibilities with email that will improve subscribers’ experience. And marketers will never have to fear "pressing send" again!

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Cheers (and happy emailing!)

Title: Instant Preview and Checklist from Litmus
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