InkBrush: New (free) Responsive Email Design Tool

InkBrush: New (free) Responsive Email Design Tool

I wanted to share a big announcement we made this week with the Influencers. We’ve built a new and easy way for email marketers to create responsive email directly from their design files. It is available today within agileEMAIL (our flagship agile marketing solution) and, (a new, hosted email design and coding tool).

We wanted to remove the creative barriers marketers have in going from concept to code, so this functionality will be free, forever.Here’s how it works:
1.) Upload desktop and mobile design files (jpg, png, gif, or psd) into the hosted editor
2.) Slice up the design.  Slice marks from psd files will pre-load automatically.
3.) Save and export (no need to do this if you’re using it within agileEMAIL)

Thousands of marketer and designers are already using Inkbrush and we’re excited to see what they’ll do now with responsive design support!  Send me a note if you’d like to share your thoughts or check it out at Cheers,Vivek 

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