adeola soleOI member Adeola Sole is an experienced CRM and email marketing consultant with a demonstrated history of working with luxury e commerce brands. Skilled in sales, strategy, life-cycle processes, data management with a splash of digital. She can help you establish and grow your database base well as optimise your email communications and increase retention through customised, targeted campaigns.

5 AI tactics for the savvy marketer


The world of AI seems to be having a moment right now. There isn’t a blog post out there that hasn’t mentioned it, and this I’m afraid is no different. Email marketing has always utilised the power of AI just in a more innate way. From personalised recommendations to predicted time...

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How to utilize compassionate marketing in your email campaigns


We all know that sales are important - that's partly the reason why we’re here right? To improve sales and increase year-on-year revenue. But what about community? We’re in an era where knowing a company’s values, having a sense of belonging, and feeling connected are key drivers for many people. Shifting...

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