Andrew is an avid blogger, frequent speaker and thought leader in the email marketing community.  He has been quoted in and contributed to several books on email marketing as well as numerous whitepapers and publications. An advocate for responsible email marketing, Andrew spent more than 10 years running some of the largest and most complex email marketing programs in the world. In 2010 he co-founded Trendline Interactive, a full service email marketing agency that delivers world class programs for enterprise level organizations.  

Kordek: Get the Attention and Investment Your Email Program Deserves


I spend a lot of time speaking at conferences and events, which gives me the opportunity to talk with email marketers across the country. While the cities may change, I often hear a similar refrain: I’m understaffed and undervalued. People in my organization give very little attention to the email program .Every year I am continually tasked with growing lists and the program while budgets remain flat and patience amongst stakeholders wears thin.

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6 Critical New Email Engagement Metrics To Track


For close to 20 years, the tracking of email marketing engagement metrics has not changed very much. Apart from the standard open and click metrics with variants, marketers rely on engagement metrics that only scratch the surface of what it takes to propel growth within a program. In fact many industry benchmark reports, still use metrics that have been been around for a long time.

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Kordek: What Email Marketing Books won’t Teach You


Email marketing books are only as good as the authors who write them and for those who implement their recommendations.

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Christopher Donald
Andrew offers some very good advice here. Email marketers have many hurdles to deal with from strategy, creative and testing to t... Read More
Thursday, 12 April 2018 20:31
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Kordek: The Most Overhyped Trends in Email Marketing Today


"Interactive email" and "AI” (artificial intelligence) are all the rage in email these days because they offer lots of promise to keep email's future bright. But, they're tops on my list of overhyped trends. So let’s step back for a moment and look at where we are now and where we should go with them in the future.

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