Jacobi Elizabeth

Elizabeth Jacobi, Founder, MochaBear Marketing

Elizabeth Jacobi has over 20 years of email marketing, digital marketing strategy, and program management experience. Before starting MochaBear Marketing, she led the marketing technology efforts for a CRM agency for more than four years.

Elizabeth also spent 8 years at CheetahMail, where she managed a global team of 10 employees and some of the company's largest west coast clients. Before joining CheetahMail, Elizabeth launched the email program for Paramount Digital Entertainment, the digital arm of Paramount Pictures. 

Elizabeth's experience has included large and small brands, including Harry & David, Tribune Company, Toyota, Sewing Arts, Blue Park Kitchen, Cinque Terre West, and others in the retail and food space.  

Email Marketer vs. Clients/Higher-ups & The Best Practice Battle


There is often a discrepancy between what we, as email marketers, know is a best practice and what consulting clients or higher-ups in our organization tend to ask about. Our responsibility as email marketers is to steer the conversation based on our expertise, even when challenging. Clients/higher-ups should also understand that...

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Can AI win based on the metric of time?


    I had some high hopes when I started using AI a year ago. I believed using AI tools would save me timeenhance email performanceproduce superior email copy. I wrote about assumptions #2 &  #3 in AI For The Win. Even after proving that AI didn’t always produce superior email...

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Jacobi: Email and Social Need To Work Together


Email Marketing continues to prove its value on a regular basis. When a brand sends an Email they know who opened, clicked, purchased, even down to what they purchased. This data helps in developing targeted Email segmentation plans.   Does this mean Email Marketing is easy? If you are doing batch and blast it can appear easy but Email is complex when done right. However, the payoff is worth the effort. Some people believe that Social is easier since in real time you can post content and get instant likes.   But is this really the same thing?

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Might be time to change your email template!


Change is hard! With email, change can even be more overwhelming because what you are doing now is likely something with which you are comfortable. However, isn’t it time to leave that comfort zone? We tend to lose sight over the impact that small changes to our email program can have. We test subject lines and day of week, the length of the email, text vs. image, and the frequency in which a subscriber should be mailed, etc. The list of what you can test goes on and on. Testing is great because it provides us good insight into how we should be engaging with our subscribers. However, one of the things I don’t see happening often is a change in the creative template. Both with my clients and what I see as a consumer (and yes, I get tons of emails) I see the same template time and time again.

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Case Study: Increasing Restaurant Revenue by 97% by Connecting Email and POS


Restaurants utilizing email to increase loyalty Ho...

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MochaBear Marketing


MochaBear Marketing MochaBear Marketing, is an email marketing consulting company that develops data driven marketing strategies with the end goal being to entice your customers to be better customers. Their focus is on email program optimization strategy, program planning and implementation and platform migration management. The company was founded by Elizabeth...

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