Special: The 2017 Email Innovations Summit Agenda!

Special: The 2017 Email Innovations Summit Agenda!

I’m thrilled to announce the 2017 lineup for the Email Innovations Summit, to be held in Las Vegas on April 19-21st, including a very exciting half day workshop on the final day:

Main Agenda

Let’s kick it off with the Keynotes: Jeanniey Mullen, founder of the DMA’s Email Experience Council, will be opening the show. David Daniels, will start off Day 2 with a bang on the Future of Relevance and Trendline Interactive co-Founder Morgan Stewart will close out Day One: Measuring the Impact of Innovation. It has been years since Jeanniey, David, and Morgan have shared a stage, so we are billing this as the email equivalent of the Eagles Reunion Tour.

This year, we are fortunate that so many top Brands will be speaking:

George DiGuido, Head of Email Strategy for About.com, will be discussing bringing their vertical brand strategy to their newsletters.

Shilpi Talwar, Marketing Director of ShopAtHome, and Erin McDonald of The Clorox Company will discuss how to navigate new waters when you first join a large established brand in Newbie On Board: Tips for an Email Marketers First Days.

Michael Kumlin, Manager of Targeted Marketing for Staples will be providing his Email Testing Cheat Sheet.

Chuck Schroeder, Email Product Manager at Hyatt Hotels will be presenting a session on how to begin to innovate when you don’t innovate now: Rebuilding a Foundation for Innovation: Taking a Step Back to Move Forward.

Eric Miller, Email & Affiliate Marketing Manager at Cabela’s will discussion Innovations in Segmentation, while Kevin Kao, Senior Manager of Email Marketing at The New York Times will talk about Challanging Traditions to Drive Email Success.

Michael Woodal, Email Marketing Manager with Plow & Hearth, will talk about the Catch 22 of Email Deliverability, while Libby Snead , who manages the email programs at Classmates, will talk about who she keeps 65 Million plus members engaged.

Jonathan Chincilla of Google company Nest will discuss Interactive Email from Design to Deployment. And Reed Pankrarz, Email Strategist with Finish Line will talk about Innovation Inside the Inbox.

On the Agency and Vendor side of things we have:

Jessica Best, Director of Data-Driven Marketing at Barkley will talk about Getting Jiggy with Animation & Video for Email Marketers.

John Thies, founder of Email on Acid, will hold one panel free wheeling panel discussion on the future of Innovation and will be presenting a solo presentation on 5 Ways to Improve Your Email Campaigns.

Jordan Cohen, CMO with Fluent, will lead a panel to discuss Innovations in Acquisition: Achieving Quality at Scale, and Eric Johnson, Chief of Email Deliverability with GoDaddy will hold a technical discussion geared for non-technical marketers on deliverability topics.  And Jeanne Jennings, with CohereOne, will talk about reimaging your email program from the base up.

Post Conference Workshop:

Very honored to announce our first Post Conference Workshop: Paul Airy’s HTML Typography in Email (advanced). This advanced 4 hour workshop will feature Paul brilliant work in Accessibility.  Those attending will all receive a copy of Paul’s book: A Type of Email : a handbook for working with HTML typography in email.

And of course, we will have the wonderful sponsors give talks and presentations along the way.

Get your tickets now for the maximum Early Bird Discount rate. And I’ll see you in Vegas, baby!