First Party Marketing Personalization is a Broken Model


For at least a decade, posts and pundits have pushed the notion that personalization is a key — maybe “the” key — to email marketing. Personalization in digital channels seems like a logical, natural goal. People say they like being treated “more personally”.  So, marketing content that is more personal should deliver...

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What do we mean by personalisation in email marketing?


According to Bluecore, 57% of brands number one email priority is email personalisation, which is unsurprising considering personalised emails can generate 6-times the transaction rates compared to ‘batch and blast’ (Source: Experian). With the demand for personalisation from email marketers being so high, it’s inevitable that every technological solution under the...

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Email Marketing 2020 -- The Art of Scale


I had the opportunity to sit in on an executive presentation by Seth Godin. While it was a bit strange to see Seth trying to fit his routine into the email marketing industry, his outlook on solving big and small problems is sound. His way of communicating profound things in small...

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Contextual Email Marketing: The future of your email program

Contextual Email Marketing: The future of your email program

After a consumer opts into receiving your emails, I assume they’ll be somewhat active. During the initial weeks they’ll open, click, browse your website, and maybe even convert. However, it probably won’t take long for them to lose interest. They’ll delete without pause or filter into a subfolder for a rainy day. They may come back briefly when a compelling event motivates them to find your most recent offer or a reactivation campaign lures them in once again, but the pattern will repeat itself. They’ll get bored and disengage all over again.

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