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The Mighty Millennials: Digital Marketing’s Game-Changing Demographic

Email Marketing to MillennialsIn this MUST READ article, Paul Gordon provides in-depth strategies and statistics for marketing to Millennials using the Email Channel. Far from being dead, the email channel is overwhelmingly the channel of choice for Millennials who want to communicate with your brand. Paul discusses the most effective strategies for getting Millennials to be brand ambassadors, what kind of offers they respond to, and what tactics to avoid when attracting the millennial demographic.


The Email Profession

Lessons Learned After the First 12 Months as an Email Marketer

Joy Ugi

Joy Ugi shares her "lessons learned" after her first year of being an email Marketing Professional. If you are just starting out on your Email Marketing career you will definitely want to read her tips for success including "Reading consistently but be choosy", your biggest assets in your first year, and the reality on how difficult email marketing can be. 

Why do the people who write marketing blogs try to convince you email marketing is easy as 1, 2,3, or A,B,C or cake? They’re lying. Sending each person on an (at least) 10,000-person list an open-worthy, pithy subject line and a hyper-personalized, well-balanced message is not easy. It’s not simple. And it doesn’t happen in a snap, like magic.

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BEE Free

BEE Free

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"This is the new version of our free Email Editor. Now available as an Embeddable Plugin (BETA)" Massimo Arrigoni, Chief Product Officer, Mailup. 



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*(Rebel’s Guide to Email, D.J.Waldow)