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Bill McCloskey, founder of Only Influencers, launches a new article series focused on Entrepreneurship:

Email Design
Jessica Best will be presenting "Getting Jiggy with Animation & Video for Email Marketing" at this year's Email Innovations Summit, April 19-21st in Las Vegas. ...
Email Buying Guide

Every Friday, the OI membership gets to pitch the membership on their latest tools and services. Here are last Friday's pitches: 

Email Innovations Summit
I’m thrilled to announce the 2017 lineup for the Email Innovations Summit, to be held in Las Vegas on April 19-21st, including a very exciting half day workshop on the final day: ...
Email Buying Guide

Every Friday, the Only Influencers membership gets to pitch their latest product and service. Here is last week's winners:

Email Strategy
Last week I was honored to be included on a list of ’The 20 Best Email Marketers You Should Follow and Steal From’ published by GetResponse. A colleague asked if that last part, “Steal From,” bothered...

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About Bill McCloskey: Bill McCloskey has been affectionately called The Godfather of Email* and since 2003 has been instrumental in driving awareness of the email marketing industry. He founded and launched eDataSource, Inc, the first email intelligence company and was the first person to write exclusively on Email Marketing when he pitched Mediapost on the idea of writing a weekly column based on the data he was collecting. He began the Email Insider column (the first of the Mediapost “insider” series) and went on to develop and host the Email Insider Summit with Mediapost and is Chairman Emeritus of the conference.

Bill has twice been a finalist for the EEC’s Stefan Pollard Memorial Marketer of the Year Award.

*(Rebel’s Guide to Email, D.J.Waldow)

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