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The Nitty-Gritty of Email Segmentation

How Much Segmentation is Too Much or Not Enough?

Email SegmentationYou probably know by now that segmentation improves email marketing performance significantly, so if you’re still operating primarily in “batch and blast” mode it’s time to start slicing and dicing your subscriber file. Marketers that practice list segmentation see better open and click-through rates, fewer unsubscribes and better deliverability. The reasons are obvious: segmentation creates discreet audiences we can laser-target with offers, creative, and information crafted specifically for them, at just the right time. This in turn improves relevancy and response, while decreasing complaints or blocking. Who among us doesn’t want to see more of this kind of email in our inbox: messages that speak to us as if we’re the center of attention, and show up at the perfect moment (or not at all?)

So let me begin by addressing the easy part of the above question: how much email list segmentation is not enough? Zero segmentation for one – so get on with it already! I’d also suggest if you’re not segmenting by at least these key attributes, you’re leaving opportunity on the table:

Email Strategy

Five Things to Do When You’re Stuck on the Promotion Treadmill

Grechen Scheiman

Promotions TreadmillIf your company is in a very price-competitive industry segment, you are probably stuck on the promotion treadmill. On the promotion treadmill, every day is another set of promotions, you are forced to send emails more and more often to help make sales goals, and every email screams a discount. You're probably tired of hearing all the best-practice advocates telling you to jump off the treadmill and send lifecycle emails for engagement. Even if you think they have a point, that's not your decision to make. Your job is to move the needle on sales while still sending out the constant hail of promotions.

 Here are five things to try when you have no choice about sending whole-house promotions, and you need to improve your results:

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Friday Pitch Day Winner: LiveIntent

LiveIntent works with 450 brands and 750 publishers to deliver marketing to 92MM people, not pixels, every month. This week, we announced a partnership with Salesforce Active Audiences.

Active Audiences from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the industry's first journey-based advertising platform. With Active Audiences, marketers can act on a single view of the customer across all of the places they run ads – email, web, social, mobile, apps and video. The platform integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and now LiveIntent to enable marketers to shape their digital advertising based on a customer's entire experience with their brand.

By integrating with Active Audiences, we are able to empower Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers to utilize their first party data in a way that was not possible, until now. Those customers will be able to reach segments of their CRM data with a display ad in other people’s newsletters.

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*(Rebel’s Guide to Email, D.J.Waldow)