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Becoming the CMO

Transitioning from Email Marketer to Chief Marketing Officer

By Bob Frady

Bob FradyEmail marketing programs – and the people who run them – are often among the single most profitable programs (and people) in an organization. The efforts they make to increase the stickiness of client relationships can add millions of dollars of marginal revenue to an organization.

Yet, when I find out that a new CMO or SVP of marketing has been added to a company, there is usually one glaring connection between nearly all of them…

They’re not email marketers.

Why is it that so many great, profitable people who develop outstanding customer onboarding, activation and retention campaigns do not often ascend to the top spot in a marketing organization? How can such profit-driving folks get overlooked when it comes time to drive the overall marketing efforts of an organization?

For me, the answer comes down to one simple fact…email marketers have an enormous amount of trouble acquiring new customers.

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AudiencePoint ap.esp.json

This is our day to bite, although a technical offering: NAME: ap.esp.json The IP Range that a sending IP Address matches outlines the path that the email content has travelled. Simply put, if you have the IP Range of a sending IP Address, you know the ESP. AudiencePoint is open sourcing a powerful JavaScript library that allows you to identify the Email Sender based on the inputted IP Address. The JavaScript file is available through GitHub. By using GitHub as the delivery mechanism for this file, the client-side database becomes crowd-sourced so it remains current as the community contributes. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is the correct format for this file, because it is agnostic to the platforms that consumes it. The JSON file will work just as well in the browser as it does in Java, C#, or Ruby.

The JavaScript file currently has an approximate 80% match rate to the sending IP Ranges and will grow as crowd sourced IP Ranges and supportive images are added. The source file, and the instructions to add additional ranges to the Javascript file are stored in the file of the GitHub repository that can be accessed here.

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*(Rebel’s Guide to Email, D.J.Waldow)