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Bill McCloskey: Failure (part 2). Part of Bill's The Journey series. This one on my biggest failure as an Entrepreneur.

Bill McCloskey: Should you Take VC Funds or Not? What every Entrepreneur should know.

Lindsey Wagner: Conversion Rate Optimization.

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"After a lovely informal dinner in London last night and a fabulous meetup in Kansas City earlier this month, I can’t help thinking how lucky I am to be part of the Only Influencers community! I count many of the industry people I’ve met through OI as friends – it’s great to have other smart email marketers to bounce ideas off of – and, sometimes, to commiserate with! It is easily the most valuable industry group I belong to (the EEC is a very close second) – well worth the cost!" - Jeanne Jennings, VP of Global Strategic Services, Alchemy Worx

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Welcome to Only Influencers

Only Influencers is a unique community and social media platform for Email Marketers and other Digital Marketing professionals. It is a "curated community", meaning that each member of each community is vetted, screened, and invited to join based on their background and qualifications. Every member is a respected member of the digital marketing industry and the community is a broad mix of brand marketers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, vendors, and thought leaders. If you have a question that you need expert advice on and a quick answer, Only Influencers is your place.

Because of OI's strict privacy rules (whatever is shared in the community, stays in the community), Members have found it to be a safe, trusted environment to discuss sensitive issues. They openly share and exchange information with their peers, confidentially and privately.

In addition to very active discussion lists, Only Influencers holds Meetups and Networking events around the world where Members can meet each other face to face. We are also actively involved in helping member companies find the best employees and members find great job positions.

People like to buy from people they know and trust. This makes Only Influencers a great place to find a new vendor, product, or service. Only Influencers is an open exchange of ideas and no sales or business development people are allowed as members. Buyers are often talking directly to the CEO's and Product Managers of the leading vendors about their needs, as well as getting feedback directly from current and past users of the product or service.


Only Influencers does not accept any Sponsorship or Advertising revenue. You will never receive a solicitation or see an ad as part of your Only Influencers experience. OI is 100% membership funded.

Hundreds of companies are already members of Only Influencers including Apple, Groupon, Barnes&Noble, Lands' End, Amazon, Disney, Ebay, Allstate, Live Nation, L.L Bean, Citi, Overstock, REI, Random House, and hundreds more. Click HERE to see a more complete list or click on the "Meet the Influencers" link at the top of the page. 

How to Join Only Influencers: Click on the "Register" link at the top of the screen. Your application will be reviewed within one business day. If you are not accepted into Only Influencers for whatever reason, you will receive an immediate refund and your email address and contact information will be deleted. You will never receive marketing messages as a result of signing up to be an Only Influencers member.

"Thanks to Bill McCloskey for agreeing to be our technical editor. We chose Bill, the Godfather of email marketing, to keep us honest." DJ Waldow and Jason Falls
The Rebel's Guide to Email Marketing

To Learn More: Click on the Member Companies button, the Testimonial link, and the About links to learn more about Only Influencers. And feel free to contact me directly at . 

Bill McCloskey, Founder, Only Influencers