Kisha Anderson RobinsonKisha Anderson is a CRM and Email Marketing Automation consultant as well as a coach to early-career email developers and marketers. After a decade in service-oriented and creative careers, Kisha approaches CRM and Email marketing from a customer-centric perspective combined with a heavy focus on systems and processes.



More than Hitting Send: Your Email Career


Email has always been more than just "hitting send." With the constant evolution of digital communication, career opportunities in the world of email have expanded exponentially. If you're considering stepping into this realm or are just curious about what it entails, here's a comprehensive look at the roles, settings, and keys...

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Unsexy But Essential: Why Documentation Matters in Email with Tips for Creating and Maintaining It


Personalization. Automation. Metrics. Audience segmentation. Deliverability. And now, ChatGPT. These are the buzzwords that dominate discussions in the world of email marketing. The intriguing, sexy side of the job, if you will. But there's one more term that, though often overlooked and admittedly less glamorous, plays an equally pivotal role: documentation....

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