Jason KleinWired, Tired, Expired: Context Ousts Relevancy and Personalization in the Marketing Buzzword Wars

by Jason Klein

Personalization is under attack. Not the act of personalizing messages to be more relevant and valuable – just the word itself. A recent Buzzfeed article reports that brands like Walmart, Macys and Gap are eschewing the term "personalization" in favor of "relevancy." Why? There are a couple of reasons. First, with the amount of contextually relevant data now available to marketers, the term personalization seems dated, limited and even "invasive and robotic," according to the article. Second, brands are very aware of not crossing the line between relevant and creepy.

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Google to Offer Custom Audience


Google may be a little late to the game here, but big news in the ongoing evolution of email marketing and its growing value beyond the walls of the inbox:

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Email Marketers Don't Actually Care About Privacy and Permission - Here's Why


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Why Email Will Be Obsolete by 2020

Email is Dead

Another "email is dead" opinion piece with no supporting evidence. The most frustrating part, to me, is this: "We don't have the answer yet, but it's clear that many people don't even use email outside of work. If you are under 20, it's possible you don't even have a personal email account at all, or, if you do, you rarely check it."

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To Speak to a Millennial, Use Email

The Evolution of the Employee

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George Bilbrey and "village idiots"


The following is an intense and passionate discussion on optimal send frequencies inspired by George Bilbrey's article "Don't Let Village Wisdom Make You The Village Idiot"


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