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Luke Glasner, Consultant/Owner, Glasner Consulting

Luke Glasner has been working in email marketing for over 15 years. He founded Glasner Consulting in August 2009 to help clients with email marketing strategy and analysis. 

At the Email Experience Council (eec), Luke led the SAME Project, an industry initiative aimed at the creation and adoption of industry standards for email metrics, in his role as the co-chair of the Measurement Accuracy Advisory Board of the eec from 2008 to 2012. 

He’s also served as a Judge for DMA/ANA ECHO Awards since 2011 and for the MMA’s Smarties Awards in 2015 to 2019. Luke Glasner earned his Master of Science in Integrated Marketing at New York University concentrating in Marketing Analytics.

An Email Data Visualization Primer


Data visualization is an important part of email marketing and it’s reporting. In fact, many marketers are already using it even if they don’t realize it. For example, if you graph your email metrics over time, then you already visualize your email data. In a real way, making those charts IS...

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My First Foray into ChatGPT for Data and Analytics


Recently, the OI Metrics committee hosted a webinar on Using ChatGPT for Email Data Analysis. I must admit I was skeptical of it when we started. So far, my exposure had been subject line tools that used ChatGPT, which I consistently beat for one of my clients. I also thought that...

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Luke Glasner

Luke Glasner

Glasner Consulting

Specialties:Email marketing, Interactive Marketing, Cross Channel and Multi Channel Integration, Search and Digital/Internet Strategy

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