cutout smile face2Dr. Ada Y. Barlatt, Ph.D. is the Founder and Chief Analytics Officer at OperationsAlly. She helps her clients discover and leverage insights hidden within their ESP data. She loves when her clients start to see their data is a representation of the real lives they impact (instead of just a bunch of numbers). When she isn’t working with clients, you could find her on a cruise ship (pre-COVID) or watching anime (post-COVID). She loves self-assessments, laughing and gluten-free baked goods!




Custom Fields and Tags: Your Key to Next Level Email Marketing Analysis

We know that the key to measuring success with any type of marketing is to track relevant metrics and adjust practices accordingly. But are you taking advantage of all of the data in your email marketing account? Most email marketers are used to analyzing key metrics about opens and clicks within...
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Maximize Your Marketing Data by Asking Great Questions

Image source: “Notebook work with statistics on sofa business” from Unsplash In a previous post, I introduced the three types of analytics and shared that the first step of starting an analytics project is to ask yourself: What is the objective, intention, or question that you want answered? This post...
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Find the right predictive solutions for your email marketing!

In my last blog post, I provided a quick and easy roadmap to analytics for email marketers. In this post, I’ll continue the discussion on analytics by taking a deeper look at predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning solutions in email marketing. [Moving forward, I’ll refer to the group...
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A Quick and Easy Roadmap for using Analytics in Email Marketing

Analytics done well can lead to better customer service and bigger bottom lines (for example, my client used analytics insights to increase sales 250%) -- done poorly it can be a complete waste of time. This article provides a quick and easy analytics roadmap specifically for email marketers. My aim is...
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